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Discover the Freedom of the Open Road with a Community of Like-Minded Women

  • Inspired to travel on your own?
  • Are you yearning to travel in Australia, but have concerns about traveling alone?
  • Worried about stepping out of your comfort zone or have some self doubt related to your age or ability?
  • At a crossroads in your life? With diminishing responsibilities and more time on your hands –  are you’re beginning to wonder “What’s next for me”?
  • Does the prospect of planning solo trips, coupled with safety worries and a longing for companionship, hold you back?
  • Would you love to connect with other women who share similar interests in road trips, camping, travel and adventure, and you are looking for a safe online community that truly understands your passions and experiences?

your best years are ahead of you!

We’re redefining what it means to be a mature woman, turning the next years into a passport for adventure.

We’re about stepping out of our comfort zones, not alone, but with a community that cheers us on. With Rolling Solo, the journey is never solitary.

Rolling Solo is a shared experience, a collective adventure, and a story of discovery written together.  Take a leap of faith and write the next chapter of your life story.

Together, we explore the unknown, supported and uplifted by fellow Rollers every step of the way. Each trip is more than just travel; it’s a chapter in a larger story of community and self-discovery.

adventure Awaits

Embark on New Journeys, Forge Lasting Friendships, and Revel in the Joy of Roadtrips, Camping & Social Outdoor Events Tailored for Mature Women

Our community app is our online space for members of Rolling Solo Australia® to connect with other members, share information, get tips & advice, find out about upcoming events & keep up to date with what's happening in the community.

To access our Community you will need to be a current member.

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Come & Join your tribe!

Once you're a "Roller" you'll be able to access the community area to:

  • Find Events on during the year and fill up that social & camping calendar!
  • Meet women near your home or on the road travelling
  • Read all about others travels, find great camping information, learn how to become a confident solo female traveller in Australia.
  • Share your own journey, photos, ideas and information with other members.

Visit our member website to learn all about what Rolling Solo is and how to become a "Roller" here

Connect with other women just like you!

We love travelling in Australia and our community makes it easy to connect safely online with other women interested in roadtrips, camping and travelling Australia too. Share the experience of camping with others, even if you’re alone on the road.

Roadtrips Tagalongs & Camping

Social get-togethers, camping trips, adventure weekends, themed journey’s, tagalong road trips, workshops and annual events. Find something near you, someplace else or that interests you and come along. Put your own event up in the community and other members will join you!

Social Outings & Get Togethers

As well as our organised camping events and roadtrips, we have many social outings and get togethers organised by members themselves.  Meet up with other members local to you for a coffee, lunch, a walk or bike ride or any other social activity with others.  You can easily organise your own by creating an event in the Community.  They’re a great way to meet other members, participate in group activities and have some fun.

Our Own Community App to keep up to speed

We have our own app for our members to connect online with other members, find out about events coming up, read posts & articles. Share images, places to go, places you’ve been, handy tips, hints and hacks for on the road and a bit of fun banter as well.  You can download the app to use on your smart device or use on your laptop.

Private Member Map

Our members are located all over Australia and we have a map to show you where we all are.  Access to the map is for members only.  It’s a great way to see which Roller’s live near you, or in a town that you’re going to visit.  Once you find your peeps on the map you can get in touch safely via our community app.

Member Perks & Discounts

Enjoy Member discounted caravan park rates for our Rolling Solo Organised events.  Pay less than retail price on our camping & member merchandise in the store and earn Roller points for just participating in the community to spend in the store.